Research Experience

Graduate Research Assistant (Princeton University, Andlinger Center for Energy and the Environment)

Mar. 2023 – Present

  • NSF-funded DRMS project ”Collaborative Research: Responses to complex disruptive events: Cognition in a socio-political context” (2049796), Project Award Total: $503,918.00
  • Examined political participation in coastal communities negatively affected by climate change and social inequality
  • Conducted fieldwork with the research team to conduct additional interviews and focus groups with policymakers, leaders, and residents related to issues raised during the public comment periods
  • Created an original data set on local political participation in selected counties
  • Adapted the Comparative Agendas Project codebook to the local level on climate and social issues

Graduate Research Assistant (The University of Texas at Austin, Department of Community & Regional Planning)

Jul. 2023 – Present

  • National Academies’ National Cooperative Highway Research Program-funded project “Guidance for Implementing Equitable Transportation Decision-Making” (NCHRP 08-162), Project Award Total: $750,000.00
  • Investigated how key organizational features and practices of state and regional transportation agencies facilitate or constrain equity in transportation policy decision-making
  • Organized and conducted 6 focus group interviews with public agency officials and stakeholders
  • Ensured quality control of focus group interview transcriptions
  • Identified, secured, and produced written review of relevant academic literature, public agency materials, and appropriate data from online and public agency sources
  • Drafted research papers and thematic research memos on transportation public policy-related topics
  • Drafted and submitted research reports to study funders

State & Local Policy Fellow (

Jan. 2023 – Jul. 2023

  • Researched sub-national education and tech policy for the Advocacy team to advance computer science curriculum reform across the United States
  • Compiled and analyzed national education enrollment and demographic data from a variety of public agencies
  • Performed data analysis, data scraping, and data cleaning to help execute the organization’s state policy agenda
  • Conducted a comparative analysis of state legislative education reform practices

Peer-reviewed Publications


In Preparation

Gentrification and Attitudes Toward Public Transit Expansion (2023)

  • Methodology: survey experiment
  • Premise: explores the effect of transit-induced gentrification on public attitudes toward public transit expansion
  • Finding: statistically significant impact on public attitudes

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